Friday, June 26, 2009

The Betrayal...

When I met you for the first time,
I knew that you are the one,
When you looked at me,
I knew that the gaze was one of a kind,
When you came to talk to me,
I knew that I would be enveloped in this voice forever.
Little did I know that you would be gone sooner than I expected.

Gone are the days when your presence took the better of me,
Gone are the days when your voice filled my lungs with oxygen,
Gone are the days when your touch iginited that spark in me,
Gone are the days when my eyes got filled with tears when they looked at you,
Gone are the days when I wanted to live every moment of my life, not once but twice,
The only thing thats left is the ocean in my eyes,
hungry for that presence, that touch, that voice, that care, that love.

Every night I stay awake, thinking..
about the time that we spent together,
about the time thats lost
about the time that I had my control on,
about the time that I could have stopped
And all that I can understand
is that I was the one who let you go.

My love, what went wrong..??
There is something that brought the unsaid distance between us,
That girl, whom you met a while ago
pleased you much more,
Have you forgotten about the relationship
that we once shared
She came into your life
and took you away from me.
I know that she has gone,
And so has the trust which I was so proud of.

Today, when you said
that I still have you forever
and I have nothing to fear
I just keep quiet
and wrap my arms around you,
I look into your eyes and look for an answer
I dont see a thing
and I cannot explain
what you made me feel before she came.

I know you are with me
But alas, you have gone far away
farther than I ever imagined
I dont see that love in your eyes anymore
I dont feel that spark in your touch anymore
Your voice does not enlighten me anymore
Every morning I wake up
and hope that you would love me today for sure
But, all I can do is love you
without expecting to be loved for more


  1. truly loved it...

    great work..

  2. umm.. theek hai...chalu item hai boss.. kucch aur accha karo.