Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there someone

Is there someone
whom you want to talk to
about something that has been bothering you

Is there someone
who is waiting for your call
and you know your call would bring a smile on their faces

Is there someone
whom you have hurt
and a simple sorry would ease out their pain

Is there someone
who is looking upto you
for support, for love, for care

Is there someone
waiting for you
to say that you love her

Is there someone
who spends sleepless nights
crying for your love

Is there someone
who expects you to apologize
for mistakes that you made

Is there someone
who wants to clear out things with you

Yes, pick up the phone and call her
tell her that you love her
Pick up the phone and tell him
that you never meant to hurt him

Tell her that things wouldn't be the same without her
Tell her that she has made your life beautiful
Tell her that you are coming to meet her
Tell her to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Tell him that you missed him
Tell him that your days aren't complete without him
Tell him that you are coming to meet him
Tell him to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Few hours are all that we have got
Few hours before the new year begins
Speak up before its too late
Talk for once and be happy for forever
Dont take any regrets in the new year
Start afresh, start anew

Wish you all a very happy new year.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Come what may

I turned around and looked back
I saw you holding my hand
Taking me out of the hole that was black

Now with open eyes
I see you holding my hand
Your touch makes my blood rise

The future which I can't see
I wish that you would hold my hand
And that, my darling, is no sin

There was a time when I was scared to hold your hand
Scared of what people might say
But you took my hand and gave me the strength to fight back

Now, I am all yours
This is the moment that I wish would last
Your love is what I need

But God has everything planned for us
I don't know what the future beholds
But yes, all these days I did pray to the almighty
To let you be with me
'coz not a moment goes by
without your thoughts crossing my mind
So honey don't ever leave me
not because I love you so much
but because I know you love me too.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ding Dong

He was too lazy to get up. He just wanted to be alone. An interference from somebody unknown was the last thing he wished for. All that he wanted was to shut himself and spend time with his own self.

Ding Dong. The doorbell which went for the second time, finally made him rise from the couch potato that he had lately become. Reluctantly he walked towards the door and opened it. And before he could realize what was going on, he was thrown back. Failing to keep his balance, he fell with a thud with his back hitting the expensive Italian marble which his mom had chosen with great detail.. 

Caught unaware, he tried to concentrate. His eyes grew wider. He could not believe this was happening. It had to be a dream. It was so unreal to be true. But the wetness that he felt on his lips woke him up from his slumber. It was definitely true. She was here kissing him madly. And suddenly he realized that his mouth was open with shock. He had not even kissed her back. But he had to admit that it felt great to be kissed again. 2 months had passed since they had even talked to each other. He loved her. And he was happy to see her again. Tears took the better of him. They wouldn't stay behind that heavy heart. They just flowed.

"Your lips taste salty", she said and winked. "Eating a lot of salt these days, huh?", she asked jokingly. And she licked his tears off.

He laughed. He wanted to ask her a million questions about where had she gone. What had got into her head? Why had she left him alone? And more importantly, why had she come back? But this was not the time to ask her. These questions could wait. The only thing which couldn't wait was his thing that got hard with her touch. The kiss made him hungry. Hungry for his own Urvashi. The girl whom he loved.

He took her face in his hands and bit her lips. She moaned and he bit even harder. She let out a scream and he licked her. He kissed her like it was his first time. She let his tongue slip into her mouth. He ran it all over her teeth. He was ready to become her toothbrush that day.

His one hand started moving down. And before she knew it, he cupped her boobs and started caressing them. How much had he missed her boobs. He remembered how he used to keep his hand on her two assets while she slept beside him. He had really missed her body just as much as he had missed her. But now he had to concentrate on her since he was doing it after 2 months. 2 full months complete. He unbuttoned her shirt. He had already got a glimpse of her black lingerie. They had bought it together. He knew that even today she had taken care of his likes and dislikes. And he felt the urge to tear her bra apart. And eat her like he never had tasted her. She gasped as he tore open the bra. 

"I thought that you loved this bra", she said. "And hey, how am I going to go back"

"I ain't letting you go anywhere this time"

And yet again they were lost in a never ending kiss. But it did end. When her hand reached over his thing. It got harder with her hand over it. She quickly unzipped him and freed him off his jeans. It was evident from the hurry that she too was hot inside. And within another 30 seconds, they both stood naked in front of each other. He picked her up and carried her to his room.After a series of kisses, tight hugs and licking and purring he finally entered that steaming hot entrance. Their thighs made a sound as they hit against each other. The moaning grew louder. But neither of the two were ready to stop. They wanted to go on and on. The entire day. And the night was waiting for them too...