Thursday, April 15, 2010

A night to remember

Apprehensive, she bit into her nails. It was almost time for him to come home. And as hours turned into minutes, her feet were getting colder by the faint ticking of the clock. This was the day she had been waiting for. There was a complete movie going on in her mind, only there had been innumerable re-runs whenever she caught something off the mark. There was no room for any miscalculation. It had to be perfect. Paradisiacal.

Still jittery, she turned toward the room to have one last look. With her slim fingers clutching the handle of the door, she pushed herself into darkness. The room smelled wonderful. It had to do because she had taken extreme care in choosing the best candles. The sweet scent of lavender filled her nostrils. As the fragrance took the better of her, she was sure that the night which stood in front of her would be divine.

She checked the neatly made bed, the matching cushions, the drapes, the candles, the flowers and ocourse the carpet. Silently, she closed the door behind her. She was positive. No jittery feelings crossed her this time. There was just one thing missing. Just one. And it was him. She looked at the clock again. 7:35, it read. And then she heard the door bell ring.

She hurried towards the door.

Standing outside, it was him. His mouth opened wide when he saw her. She realised that she forgot to take one last look at herself in the mirror. But that's okay. His open mouth was evident of the fact that she looked stunning in red. The colour of passion, it certainly was. She gave him her best dimpled smile to add on to her beauty. "Hi honey", she said.

"Whooaa, you are looking hot tonight", he winked.

He bent down and gave her a peck on the lips.

Her candy flavoured lip gloss left the delicious taste on his lips. Wanting more, he licked them.

With an inch of separation, their eyes met.

She smiled. He smiled too.

Feelings of passion arose.

She grabbed his laptop bag from his hands and said, "You must be tired. Why don't I take you up and freshen you a bit". This time, she winked.

She took his hand in hers and took charge. She guided him to their bedroom. And then she stopped.

"You go in first", she said.

He opened the door and took a step inside.

The lavender fragrance tickled him in the nose. He knew that this sweet smell was definitely the beginning of something.

He caught her hand when she entered the room after him. He pulled her close. The only light in the room was a ray coming in from the corridor. And that light was enough for him to see the romance in her eyes.

He brought his lips close to hers. He slid his arms around her waist. She wrapped hers around his shoulders. And then their lips touched. He grabbed her upper lip. And they kissed.

Her hands reached out to unbutton his shirt. Starting from the top most button, taking one at a time, she slowly reached till the last one. He took her in his arms. She could hear his heart beating. How she longed to hear his heart say that he loved her. And resting her head on his chest, she suddenly felt secure.

"I'll quickly go take a shower", he said unwillingly. He wanted to stay but he didnt want his tiredness to spoil the night that lay in front of them.

She smiled in agreement for while he would be away, she would get the time to light the candles as well.

He headed towards the bathroom, took his clothes off and entered the shower. He looked forward to the night ahead. He loved her. He wanted this night to be the best. He wanted to take her along to the divine heights. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't notice the door open behind his back. She tip toed, entered the shower and hugged him from behind. Caught unaware, he barely managed to turn. Standing there was his sweetheart, the girl of his dreams whom he married a few months ago. He hugged her tight. He then took her face in his arms and brought his lips onto hers. The drops of water came rushing towards them interrupting their sensous kiss but that didn't seem to bother them.

The room, lightened by the beautiful purple candles, was waiting for its masters to return.

Meanwhile, she caught hold of the creamy lavender bath wash and poured some onto her palm. Very erotically, she moved her foam filled hands over his masculine chest. She took a deep breath and inhaled the lavender filled air. This too was chosen appropriately keeping in mind his likings.  She rubbed her hands over the back of his shoulders and raced her fingers along the spinal cord. She reached down and rubbed him. Slowly her hands moved towards the front. She rubbed him there. He moaned a bit. Bursting with pleasure, he took the bath wash and rubbed her. With great tenderness, he caressed her boobs till her nipples got hard. He moved down and circled her belly button with the tip of his finger. Sensitive to his touch, she pulled her tummy inside. That excited him. He continued moving his finger aimlessly thereby making her inquisitive about where he would touch her next. She loved surprises.. His fingers moved further down. He rubbed her between her legs. And this was the moment he had been waiting for. A bite on his shoulder showed how she excited she was. They washed away all the soap from each other. Unable to control, he picked her up and came out.

Surprised, to see the lighted candles, he made her lie down on the bed covered with red sheets with lovely satin trim. He jumped into the bed besides her. Cuddling and caressing her, he pushed himself inside her. She screamed. Not with pain but with joy. She could feel him inside. She could feel the warmth of his flesh. They became one. One body. One soul.

The whole night filled with passion still lay in front of them

Completely paradisiacal, as she had thought.

Friday, April 2, 2010


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It was the 1st of April. This day is not just the beginning of a new financial year but has long been famous as the April fool’s Day.

And Deeya wanted to take full advantage of this day.After immersing herself into deep thoughts for a few minutes, she knew what she had to do. She picked up the phone and called up Minisha.

“Hi Honey. Guess what?”, yelled Minisha on seeing her best friend’s name on her mobile phone.

“What”, said Deeya, a little bit annoyed because she didn’t want her plan to fail. She knew that Minisha would go on and on and not let her talk.

“Deeya, you wont believe it . Sahil just proposed”, and she gasped for breathe for she was utterly excited.

Confused, and unable to control her anxiety, Deeya said, “Listen Minisha, I called up to tell you something”.

With all her excitement nearing to an end, Minisha said in a low voice, “Temme sweety. What happened. Are you okay?”

And then there was silence. Minisha could hear Deeya breathing heavily. She waited. Something was wrong with Deeya today. She was sure. Deeya has always been on her side. Always. Even when she was wrong. But her best friend always stood by her side no matter what. And seeing Deeya uneasy, Minisha forgot about Sahil’s proposal. She wanted to help her out. She loved her a lot. They were like sisters. But she couldn’t understand what could possibly be wrong with a girl as cheerful and as jolly as Deeya.

After a few moments passed, Minisha decided to talk.

“Temme Deeya. What happened?. Is everything okay.?”

Deeya cleared her throat. “Minisha, ummm…”, she stopped again. Perhaps this time she was searching for the right words to speak. “Minisha”, she started speaking again. “I have to tell you something. I mean, I don’t know what to say. It’s a long story. But, ummm… I wanted to ummm.. I actually wanted to tell you that umm.. that me and Sahil umm.. me and Sahil slept together the day Sahil threw a party in that resort.” Deeya said the last part of the sentence in one breath. She didn’t wait for Minisha to say anything. “Look Mini, I am really sorry. It wasn’t intentionally. It was a mistake. A terrible mistake. I don’t know what to say. I am sorry”.

She became silent. No voice came from the other side. Deeya tried to make out what Minisha must be thinking right now. Obviously, she must be devastated. She wanted to keep the phone down but since it was her best friend at the other end, she decided to wait.

1 minute passed.

2 minutes.

3 minutes.

It was then Minisha spoke. “I know today is April Fool’s Day.”

And both of them laughed hysterically at the little joke.

15 days later:

Sahil and Minisha were discussing their wedding plans on the phone.

“Did I tell you about the lehenga I saw yesterday. Sahil, it was awesome. I loved it so much. I loved the embroidery on it. Do you think I will fit into it”, she pondered.

“I haven’t seen the lehenga as yet.”

“How will you see if you don’t take a leave and come to Delhi."

Acha listen. I have been thinking. I will take a month’s leave”, he said. “Is that enough?”

“W-h-a-t? Are you kidding me? Do you think you can be ready for a wedding in a month’s time.”

“Ummm, I don’t know. And how am I supposed to know that.”

Minisha laughs at his stupidity. “Awww, you are so cute.”

“No, seriously. How am I supposed to know. I haven’t married before. Nor have I had a girl in my entire life who would talk to me about it. And you never talk.”

“Haha. I will. I will. There is still a lot of time left for the wedding. We’ll talk about it later. But temme one thing. Have you seriously never had a girl? I mean, you are one of those guys who knows how to attract a girl. You have those looks. You have that charm. Its unbelievable that you never had a girlfriend.”

Sahil laughs. “Well, yeah. I never had one. Doesn’t it make you happy that you are marrying a virgin.”

“I know, you are not a virgin, Sahil.”

Shocked, Sahil said, “What do you mean?”

“I know everything. About you both. ”

This shocked Sahil even more. He became silent. He found it weird that Minisha knew all about it and still remained silent. Perhaps, she didnt have any problem with him sleeping with her best friend. Perhaps, her best friend was so important to her that she had to ignore her mistake. But it was hard to believe. He didnt know what to say. Yes, they had slept together. He always had a soft corner for Deeya and this fact was unknown to Minisha. That night Deeya looked ravishing. And it was the heat of the moment that had made them intimate. And today, he was glad that Deeya took it positively and was actually ready to discuss it with him. He thought it was better to apologize.

After a few seconds of silence, not knowing what to say, Sahil stammered these out of his mouth, “Well, yeah. I am sorry baby. It was a blunder. I shouldnt have slept with Deeya. And I should have told you. I am sorry.

This time it was Minisha who was shocked for she was just trying to pull his leg. She never thought that the little joke on April Fool's Day was not actually a joke. It was a confession. And she had been fooled.

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