Friday, April 2, 2010


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It was the 1st of April. This day is not just the beginning of a new financial year but has long been famous as the April fool’s Day.

And Deeya wanted to take full advantage of this day.After immersing herself into deep thoughts for a few minutes, she knew what she had to do. She picked up the phone and called up Minisha.

“Hi Honey. Guess what?”, yelled Minisha on seeing her best friend’s name on her mobile phone.

“What”, said Deeya, a little bit annoyed because she didn’t want her plan to fail. She knew that Minisha would go on and on and not let her talk.

“Deeya, you wont believe it . Sahil just proposed”, and she gasped for breathe for she was utterly excited.

Confused, and unable to control her anxiety, Deeya said, “Listen Minisha, I called up to tell you something”.

With all her excitement nearing to an end, Minisha said in a low voice, “Temme sweety. What happened. Are you okay?”

And then there was silence. Minisha could hear Deeya breathing heavily. She waited. Something was wrong with Deeya today. She was sure. Deeya has always been on her side. Always. Even when she was wrong. But her best friend always stood by her side no matter what. And seeing Deeya uneasy, Minisha forgot about Sahil’s proposal. She wanted to help her out. She loved her a lot. They were like sisters. But she couldn’t understand what could possibly be wrong with a girl as cheerful and as jolly as Deeya.

After a few moments passed, Minisha decided to talk.

“Temme Deeya. What happened?. Is everything okay.?”

Deeya cleared her throat. “Minisha, ummm…”, she stopped again. Perhaps this time she was searching for the right words to speak. “Minisha”, she started speaking again. “I have to tell you something. I mean, I don’t know what to say. It’s a long story. But, ummm… I wanted to ummm.. I actually wanted to tell you that umm.. that me and Sahil umm.. me and Sahil slept together the day Sahil threw a party in that resort.” Deeya said the last part of the sentence in one breath. She didn’t wait for Minisha to say anything. “Look Mini, I am really sorry. It wasn’t intentionally. It was a mistake. A terrible mistake. I don’t know what to say. I am sorry”.

She became silent. No voice came from the other side. Deeya tried to make out what Minisha must be thinking right now. Obviously, she must be devastated. She wanted to keep the phone down but since it was her best friend at the other end, she decided to wait.

1 minute passed.

2 minutes.

3 minutes.

It was then Minisha spoke. “I know today is April Fool’s Day.”

And both of them laughed hysterically at the little joke.

15 days later:

Sahil and Minisha were discussing their wedding plans on the phone.

“Did I tell you about the lehenga I saw yesterday. Sahil, it was awesome. I loved it so much. I loved the embroidery on it. Do you think I will fit into it”, she pondered.

“I haven’t seen the lehenga as yet.”

“How will you see if you don’t take a leave and come to Delhi."

Acha listen. I have been thinking. I will take a month’s leave”, he said. “Is that enough?”

“W-h-a-t? Are you kidding me? Do you think you can be ready for a wedding in a month’s time.”

“Ummm, I don’t know. And how am I supposed to know that.”

Minisha laughs at his stupidity. “Awww, you are so cute.”

“No, seriously. How am I supposed to know. I haven’t married before. Nor have I had a girl in my entire life who would talk to me about it. And you never talk.”

“Haha. I will. I will. There is still a lot of time left for the wedding. We’ll talk about it later. But temme one thing. Have you seriously never had a girl? I mean, you are one of those guys who knows how to attract a girl. You have those looks. You have that charm. Its unbelievable that you never had a girlfriend.”

Sahil laughs. “Well, yeah. I never had one. Doesn’t it make you happy that you are marrying a virgin.”

“I know, you are not a virgin, Sahil.”

Shocked, Sahil said, “What do you mean?”

“I know everything. About you both. ”

This shocked Sahil even more. He became silent. He found it weird that Minisha knew all about it and still remained silent. Perhaps, she didnt have any problem with him sleeping with her best friend. Perhaps, her best friend was so important to her that she had to ignore her mistake. But it was hard to believe. He didnt know what to say. Yes, they had slept together. He always had a soft corner for Deeya and this fact was unknown to Minisha. That night Deeya looked ravishing. And it was the heat of the moment that had made them intimate. And today, he was glad that Deeya took it positively and was actually ready to discuss it with him. He thought it was better to apologize.

After a few seconds of silence, not knowing what to say, Sahil stammered these out of his mouth, “Well, yeah. I am sorry baby. It was a blunder. I shouldnt have slept with Deeya. And I should have told you. I am sorry.

This time it was Minisha who was shocked for she was just trying to pull his leg. She never thought that the little joke on April Fool's Day was not actually a joke. It was a confession. And she had been fooled.

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  1. Damn! That was some story...
    Fooled and betrayed at the same time!
    I liked your perspective to that topic!


  2. @ Neha : :) Thanks.. I am so happy that this came out well.. Just wrote it jaldi jaldi last night..

  3. OOPS! Now that is tragic! Double betrayal! Two important people in the girl's life mess it up and how! The flow was good from beginning to end. Nice attempt and plot :) ATB with BAT

  4. Hmm.. interesting story.. one never knows when the truth is revealed and when one is fooled .. that is life!

  5. @ aativas : true.. that is life

  6. @ Raksha : thanks a lot.. :)

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  8. Interesting story woven on the topic..
    All the best for BAT 9

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  11. Interesting Chanz..:)
    Lovely work...
    Fiction queen.



    p.s. Where r u?

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    interesting read...

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  20. :-O

    How does your mind create such scary ideas ??

    Oh man, I would've killed Sahil if I were Minisha..

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    Kp Up!!

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    keep up the good work. ur followers missed u.

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  32. @ shivani : a devil always gets such ideas.. :)

  33. @ richa : u think so..?? Glad, u liked my fiction..

  34. @ megha : perhaps, it was a confession which i think was very much needed..
    The point is that deeya had made the confession not because it was april fools day.. That was just a bahana.. She wanted to confess n that is why she did.. Best friends, u see.. The mistake wasnt deliberate bt the confession was...

  35. @ ease : haha... U should thank god that i m not acting like a devil... Otherwise u would be the first person to run away...

    Btw, thanks... Specially if u missed me.. :P

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