Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there someone

Is there someone
whom you want to talk to
about something that has been bothering you

Is there someone
who is waiting for your call
and you know your call would bring a smile on their faces

Is there someone
whom you have hurt
and a simple sorry would ease out their pain

Is there someone
who is looking upto you
for support, for love, for care

Is there someone
waiting for you
to say that you love her

Is there someone
who spends sleepless nights
crying for your love

Is there someone
who expects you to apologize
for mistakes that you made

Is there someone
who wants to clear out things with you

Yes, pick up the phone and call her
tell her that you love her
Pick up the phone and tell him
that you never meant to hurt him

Tell her that things wouldn't be the same without her
Tell her that she has made your life beautiful
Tell her that you are coming to meet her
Tell her to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Tell him that you missed him
Tell him that your days aren't complete without him
Tell him that you are coming to meet him
Tell him to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Few hours are all that we have got
Few hours before the new year begins
Speak up before its too late
Talk for once and be happy for forever
Dont take any regrets in the new year
Start afresh, start anew

Wish you all a very happy new year.


  1. lovely!!!
    what a way to end...the year with..
    introspection and retrospection..

    nice nice..

    Happy New Year!!!

    have a fantastic New year

  2. An excellent way to bida karing the passing year....:D

    Happy new Year dear...super poem...

  3. Ramit, I am not gonna call you coz i dont wanna apologize for anything.. :P nothing at all..

  4. @ Sorcerer : Thanks dude.. I hope I did justice to this poem... :)

  5. n wish you a very happy new year Sorcerer, Ramit and Sid.. :)

  6. Beautiful !..once I felt this way with my daughter:)

    Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous new Year!!!

  7. thanks Renu... wish the same for you.. :)