Friday, December 18, 2009

Come what may

I turned around and looked back
I saw you holding my hand
Taking me out of the hole that was black

Now with open eyes
I see you holding my hand
Your touch makes my blood rise

The future which I can't see
I wish that you would hold my hand
And that, my darling, is no sin

There was a time when I was scared to hold your hand
Scared of what people might say
But you took my hand and gave me the strength to fight back

Now, I am all yours
This is the moment that I wish would last
Your love is what I need

But God has everything planned for us
I don't know what the future beholds
But yes, all these days I did pray to the almighty
To let you be with me
'coz not a moment goes by
without your thoughts crossing my mind
So honey don't ever leave me
not because I love you so much
but because I know you love me too.


  1. Do I look like a bhai to you..

    ANd iraada to bahot kuch hai bas mauka nahi milta.. :P

  2. wow...that is are heading in right direction...;)

  3. @ Ramit : heeeee.... Thanks.. :)

  4. @ Sid : lol... The direction is a li'l out of focus.. I need to cum on d track

  5. Hehehe... thanks puni baby.... :P

  6. cool one...its..wonderful

    lol@ your second comment on Bhai!!

  7. haha.. Thanks sorcerer... Lol @ bhai too...