Monday, September 14, 2009

You didnt call

While I lay awake in the wee hours
I stared at my mobile phone
The whole day had gone by
And you still hadn't called.
It all started like this...

When the sun peeped in
through the windows in my room
And slowly I opened my eyes
I knew you would call and say
"What a lovely morning it is.."
But you didn't call.

While sitting in the loo thinking about you
I had my ears clinging to the wall
hoping to hear my phone ringing
The phone rang and i rushed out.
An old friend had called
But you didnt call.

I got ready and went downstairs
As I sat at the breakfast table
staring at the boiled eggs lying on the plate
I picked up my phone to see
if I had missed a call from you
But you didnt call.

I sat in my car and drove
finding my way through the busy traffic
I kept my phone on the seat next to mine
So that when you call,
I can instantly pick the phone up
But you didnt call.

I reached office and sat on my desk
A thought came to me
"Maybe you had left a mail"
So, very eagerly I connected to the internet
only to find that there wasn't any mail from you
You still didn't call.

With a frown on my face,
I worked through the files piled up in front of me
I was in no mood to work.
All I wanted was to hear your voice
But you didn't call.

And then finally the phone rang, but not my cell phone
It was my boss who called on the intercom
And asked me to come to his cabin
I could figure out that it would be bad
I knew that your voice would relax my muscles
But you didn't call.

My boss scolded me left, right and centre
He slammed his fist on the table and threw the file at me
I couldn't hear anything
I just stared at his moving hands and jaws
Something must be wrong and I didnt understand
Why you hadn't called.

Back at my desk, I again looked at my phone
No, there weren't any missed calls
I saw my collegues eating lunch
One of them waved and gestured me to come
I ignored and sat down.
I was still clueless as to
Why you didn't call.

Silently I took out my lunch
And I began to eat
The food was extremely tasteless
It seemed as if the spices had been removed
And then I knew why the food tasted so blank

Because you hadn't called.

I was in no mood to work but I had no choice
I think I knew what to do
I would engross myself in work so that I don't get time to miss you
Yes, thats what I am going to do
So, I looked at my phone one last time in case you had called
But you didn't call.

I looked at the watch as the clock struck six.
4 hours I had burried myself in the files
My whole body ached for your touch
I badly wanted to go back home and rest my head on your shoulders
But how could I meet you, when
You hadn't even called.

Half-heartedly I got up and walked towards my car
Maybe you had no idea how I felt when you call.
Maybe you didnt know that my arteries didn't carry oxygenated blood
Instead, they carry your love that is filled in my heart
Absurd it may seem, but its true
I wanted to rejuvinate my body
But you still had not called.

I drove back in silence,
I even switched off the radio
Which was mere noise without you
I found traffic on my way back
But there were bigger things to frustrate me, for instance,
You didnt call.

As I stepped into my two bed room apartment
I could smell your presence
Or is it that the air was playing Hide-n-Seek with me
Or should i say Smell-n-Seek
But whatever It was, I knew
That you didn't call.

The day didn't pass the way I had expected
Infact, it was nowhere near it
My day went by without talking to you
I thought that we would talk every few hours,
But Alas, you didnt call.

As the darkness grew dense
And the night hypnotised everybody to sleep
I cried,
I cried because I was helpless
I cried simply because you didn't call.

Without food, without water
I poured myself onto the pillow
I cried myself to sleep
But somewhere deep inside I knew
that someday you would call
just like the way you used to
Or else
Next morning I will wake up
I will assume that you would call and say
"What a lovely morning it is.."
And then I would stare at my phone
expecting that you would call
But the words that will come out of my mouth will be
"You didn't call."


  1. amazing, mind-blowing, fantastic..
    these words are too less to describe this piece.

    i must say, its your hrd-work which has finally started shoving the true colors...

    i make it a point, that i would call u once a day atleast.

  2. Chandu.........what an amazinf piece u have written sweety...i mean i am in love with of one them but this one - You dint call - its the best one......Kepp it up sweetheart....looking forward to reading more....

  3. Great Work! though I think you should probably keep it a little shorter or may be express your feeling in a better choice of words/expressions... I mean 'arteries didn't carry oxygenated blood'.. doesn't paint a feeling of romance/longing..

  4. @ the post above... : I really dont know who you are..but i appreciate ur feedback...i'll surely keep in mind what u said...

    n thanks atish n shruti

  5. thanx for your visit to my blog and leaving your imprints behind
    do keep visiting.

  6. Chandu..Don't you think its too long..A poem should be short isn't it??...Althoug ill be diplomatic and say "Forget the rules"..Just express...
    And to be honest i missed some paragraphs..But i went to the conclusion..It was Good...I mean it was indicating "infinite wait"..I loved tht

  7. hmmmmmmm if have written it ourself then....u must be out of our mind...n if copied then...please try to break it down in 3-4 will be easy to understand in one God knows...what u have expressed for urself true or wat...
    and over all good work....keep it up

  8. Oh I'm sorry honey! I promise I'll call you everyday atleast once! Don't go insane!

  9. Loved it!
    I was hooked even long after it was over. May be i could relate with it so it strike a deep chord.
    God Bless buddy :)

  10. Wasim, i wrote it on my own.. I dont uderstand y you think that I am out of my mind... I would want to know...

    @ Ramit : I ain't giving you my number for sure... But, dont let your wife think like this... Don't forget to call her when you are away.. :)