Monday, October 5, 2009

The years of togetherness

(Read the preceding Part 1 | Part 2 before reading this story)

She walked and walked. She didn't want to look back. Hot tears poured down her cheeks and flowed all the way to her neck until they disappeared under her neckline. She shivered with cold but didn't want to stop. Not even to wrap the stole around her almost bare shoulders. She kept walking. Her toes were stiff from the 3 and a half inch heels that she wore. But she didn't want to be bothered about it. There were bigger things in her life that needed attention. For instance, one was what she just saw. And then came a fresh stream of tears. She couldn't believe her eyes. And at this point of time she wanted to be alone. She wanted to walk in this heavy rain. Her heels and the cold didn't really pose as a barrier. Infact, she felt more bruised. And that was the state that she wanted to be in. Bruised and battered. Big raindrops fell on her head. It was hurting her but now there was no looking back. She had to go on. And so, she walked and walked.


Sahil stood in front of the bathroom mirror and stared at his reflection. He looked around. He and Meerha had re-designed this bathroom with great detail. Unlike the rooms and the kitchen. Both of them had an eye for bathrooms. Quite an unusual thing, it was. He remembered the first conversation they ever had. Or maybe it was second. Yeah, the second time when they had met at a common friend's place. And they both wanted to use the loo. And astonishingly, they had ended up discussing the loo since it was a masterpiece. Those expensive looking tiles, that open shower, those sleek wooden cabinets, the black and white marble combination, those luxurious looking taps, fitting and fixtures. Everything was just perfect. And they had discussed it all. He didn't realize that a smile had crept onto his face. And then he was aware of his surroundings. He was in the same bathroom that he and Meerha had designed on their own. Yes, it was definitely unusual to be similar in this respect. But now things were different. He opened the tap, bent down and splashed cold water on his face. Though he was a bit taken aback of the coldness but that was all that was left behind in his life now. She was gone. If only he hadn't been such an ass. 


"Hurry up, you lazy bone", Meerha snorted when Sahil jumped into bed yet again. 

"Come on, honey. We still have time", he said and loked at her from the corner of his eyes. And by look which she returned, he knew that he must get ready or else he wouldn't get anything to at tonight.

"Okay, Okay. Don't give me that look. Where are my clothes?", he said. He got up and opened his almirah. "Temme what do I wear tonight.. I'll dress up the way you want me to. Everything according to you tonight, honey"

She laughed. "Don't get into that maska chaska. If it hadn't been our fourth anniversary, I would have blasted you today. God, why can't you wear decent clothes. All those people who say that girls take a long time to get ready, should be given your example..!!" She couldn't help but smile. She came over to him and rested her head on the back oh his shoulder. "Happy anniversay, baby".

She couldn't believe that they had completed 4 years of their relationship together. 4 years had passed since they first met each other. Ofcourse they were separated for a long period of 10 months when he got a job in Sydney.  And she followed suit. The only difference being that she come for an MBA. She had 2 years at the max till she could shove her mom from getting her married. And now, having spent about 11 months here in Sydney, she was confident that when they go back they would tell their parents about their relationship. And that they would get married. She heaved a sigh of relief. She had to focus on today. There was still a year left for her to think about their future and how they would convince her mom.  But now, it was their fourth anniversary. The day she had been waiting for. The day she had carefully chosen her clothes. A short black tube top dress which ended just above her knees, with a stole draped around her shoulders to give that raunchy yet elegant look. Yes, this was the day she had been waiting for. 


"A table for two please", she said to the waiter whom she spotted first.

"I am sorry ma'am. There is a waiting of 45 minutes."

Sahil looked at Meerha in disbelief and asked, "Didn't you book the table for us?"

"Well...mmmm.... I forgot", she said sheepishly. 

And then they were out. Sahil, a bit angry but not wanting to spoil the night, said with a great enthusiasm, "Lets go to Moulin Rouge Downunder". And then he smiled at her.

"No Honey. It will be too expensive"

But Sahil was not going to listen to her. He was one of those strong headed guys who would not do anything to have their way. And so he did. They drove to the best club in Sydney. Moulin Rouge.


Meerha looked for Sahil but he was nowhere to be seen. What was talking him so long? She wondered if he needed any help. And then she laughed at her own stupidity. Who would need help to pee? But then she was worried because he was too drunk to even walk. But now it had been 25 minutes since he had left her Something was definitely wrong. She felt a sudden urge to get up and go downstairs. She took the stairs down and stood in front of the washroom. When a guy came out, she asked him politely if he could check if Sahil was inside and quickly described him how he looked. That small bulky guy went inside and came after a minute or so. He said that there was no one inside of that description. That made Meerha scared. What could have possibly happened. She turned her back and started to leave and at the same time she got angry 'coz he had left his phone with her. 

Just when she took the first step upstairs she thought that she heard Sahil's voice. She stepped down and concentrated. She followed the voice. It was coming from behind a wooden door. She put her ears close to the door and tried to hear. She could hear a girl moaning and could hear Sahil's voice say, "Calm down honey. It will be alright."

Her hands shook when they reached out to the door knob. She hoped that the voice wasn't Sahil's. He couldn't be inside. He couldn't be with another woman. Not on this day. Not on their anniversary. Not on any other day. But she did not have the courage to open the door. It couldn't be him. But before she could console her mind and heart, she heard the girl shout which was followed by Sahil's voice which said, "I am sorry. Didn't wanna hurt you. Did it pain" And the screams got louder. Meerha could take no more. She hastily opened the door and there she saw him. Naked. With another woman. Right in front of her eyes. Tears flowed down her cheeks and she couldn't move a limb. She stood there watching the two figures enjoying the moment of intimacy. And then he saw here standing at the door. She tried to look into his eyes but he turned away. Probably ashamed. Or maybe with attitude. She had no clue if he had done that deliberately or was it that he had let himself go. What mattered more was what he did was wrong. She turned and left the door ajar. She ran out of the club with tears flowing. She didn't want to look back. Not at his betrayal.


  1. y it is a common believe dat only boys betrayed in a relation.....Sahil ki jagah y it can't Meerah ??

  2. its not a common belief.... infact research says that girls are more unfaithful in a relationship... women are more moody...

  3. Chandni,

    There was a lot of emotional quotient to your writing ans it was expressive also. But this can't be the ending of the story, I think. I don't mean a happy ending. But as the story revolved around the girl, it should finish with how the girl overcame that heartbreak or something.

  4. Annum, not all relationships are successful. Yes, the story revolved around Meerha. She was happy with all that she had. Love, luck, everything. But she had a destiny too. And this was her destiny. We all live with the hope that things will be good in future. Lets keep this keep alive for Meerha...

  5. gud expressive work with an intellectual thought process.. but I agree with annum.. this cannot be the end.. the story has not yet been completed.. u cannot leave the gal in utter dismay and despair.. take this story to a new high where this gal proves to be all the more strong enough to come out from this situation with full courage and determination..

  6. good stuff... but there must a sequel to it..

  7. guys, I think u r forgetting that Meerha did not come to Australia for Sahil. She had to focus on her career. But if you insist, I will surely write an additional piece to this story. Anything for my readers.. :)

  8. one more thing, i would like you to add a couple of characters more and make a twist...

    you can also add pics alongwith the text and can use it to explain your blog's emotion well..

  9. this definately cant be end...Meerha or infact anyone is not supposed to live with a betrayal....may be Sahil also need one more chance..i dont know but this cannot be end...end shouls always be happier otherwise "picture abhi baki hai mere dost"....may be they parted for the good....waiting for the sequel....